St Augustine’s Church 2021



Bible Study, Join Us

One aspect of church life is the study of the Bible.  At present we have set up several study session on various aspects of the Christian Faith each lasting 4 or 5 weeks.  

In the future we plan more of these especially around the times of main Christian Festivals.

Because the bible is central to our faith it is important to learn and understand what the bible teaches.  We try not to give our opinion on any subject but to pass on the truth of scripture because we believe it is the inspired Word of God.

In time we hope to set up home groups where we can enjoy each others company and learn together about God’s Word in an informal setting.

Details of our plans will be posted on this web site under the “What’s On” section.  We pass on an open invitation to anyone who wishes to join us.

Later we will add links to useful web resources which we believe will be of interest to everyone.

Our Minister Paul Hunter

will start a study of

“The Acts of the Apostles”

Every Wednesday at 7.30pm

See “What’s On for Details”