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How to... pray


To ask the question why pray? is a bit like asking the question why breathe? One is essential to physical life; the other is essential to spiritual life. We pray to stay alive as Christians. “We breathe the oxygen of Gods presence and love”. (John Pritchard, Beginning Again, 2000, SPCK).

Why does prayer matter?

•Sharing our lives with God, letting God in constantly.

•Getting to know God, living with God to explore God's Kingdom.

•To express our love to God and receive God's love.

•To express our love and commitment for others.

•To share our needs with God.

The Heart of Prayer

•NOT a secret language for the especially holy!

•NOT about learning a clever technique or magic formula!

Instead, think of prayer as like relationships and conversations:

•Just getting on with it - ordinary life continues, but against the backdrop of God's presence.

•Chatting - sharing with God in brief and simple ways a host of thoughts and needs, letting God in on our feelings.

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The bible teaches us through the words of Jesus recorded in the New Testament of the bible that we do not need a priest to pray for us or to receive forgiveness.  

The Cross changed everything.  It is the central teaching of Christians because the death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus from the dead opened up a new way to God.  The death and resurrections of Jesus is a recorded event in history with more evidence than most other things of that time.

Jesus carried the punishment for everyone who will fully believe in Him on that cross.  It also opened up prayer as a personal communication with Jesus and the Father God for everyone.

Yes, some times it will be helpful to have someone pray for us and that can be arranged but it is not however a requirement.