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Churches are not always very good at communicating and as a result, the real message about the Christian faith gets muddled and so we do not seem relevant to many in the 21st century.

At St Augustine’s we are striving to be better at communicating with our congregation and the all of our parish, St Augustine’s, Whitchurch.   We also want to share the good news churches refer to as the Gospel.  The Gospel (or good news) is basically saying that God wishes to know us individually on a personal level.

One method of communicating will be through this web site where we will attempt to communicate the basic information about our church and what we believe.  In time additional information will be added which will go deeper into the Christian Faith.  There is also a section called “What’s On” which carries the current information about our church service with links to Church News and special events across South Bristol Deanery

For more dynamic information we also have a Facebook account which will keep you up to date about the happenings and news of St A’s.  We have the normal Facebook response pages for your comments.

The other means of communicating our “current information” is through our Sunday service where details are displayed on our Large TV screens in the main worship space.

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