TERMS & CONDITIONS for hire of Rooms at St. Augustine’s, Whitchurch


(These terms and condition of hire are provided on the website for guidance only. A full and current copy will be supplied on application for hire of room(s) at St Augustine’s Church, Whitchurch)

Advised maximum number of people:-

     Worship Space    80 seated

Meeting Room 1  30 (lecture style seating)

                             18 (around a board room style table)

     Cafe and Hub      Approx. 30 in the cafe with the additional space of the Hub

We request that all food and drink is kept within the Cafe and Hub area.

Latest time to exit building:    22.00 hours

Ensure all Fire Exits are kept clear at all times and that you know the whereabouts of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets.

In the event of a fire, leave the premises immediately by the nearest available exit and call the Fire Brigade.

Ensure that:-

The premises are left clean and tidy

Windows are closed and locked

All electrical appliances have been switched off

All china and movable furniture is returned to its original location

All manually switched lights are switched off

All rubbish removed from the premises

The premises are securely locked and keys returned as directed

NB:  One off bookings will require a church designated person to open, close, and secure the premises.


Alcohol of any kind

Smoking in any part of the building/garden/car park

The Hall is situated in a residential area, we therefore ask that you are quiet and considerate when leaving the premises.

Be careful of personal property:  St Augustine’s cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss.

St Augustine’s Church - Environmental Policy – Adopted 10 September 2014           Mission Statement.

St Augustine’s recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements.  We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and improving our environmental performance with regular reviews.  We will encourage our congregation and the people from the community who use the building to do the same.


St Augustine’s Church - PCC is responsible for ensuring that the environmental policy is implemented, however all ‘church users’ will have a responsibility to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

Policy Aims

We endeavour to….

Comply with all relevant regulatory requirements

Monitor and reduce environmental impacts



We will minimise the use of paper, packaging

We will seek to buy recycled & recyclable products and recycle where possible.

Energy & Water [Central Admin]

We will reduce the amount of energy used as much as possible

Lights & electrical equipment will be switched off when not in use

Heating will be adjusted with energy efficient consumption in mind.

The energy consumption & efficiency of new products will be taken into account when purchasing.

Office Supplies [Central Admin]

We will evaluate if the need can be met in another way.

We will favour more environmentally friendly & efficient products wherever possible.

We will reuse & recycle everything we are able to.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Cleaning materials used will be as environmentally friendly as possible

Materials used in refurbishment will be environmentally friendly as possible

We will only use licensed & appropriate organisations to dispose of waste.

Monitoring & Improvement

We will review our stated aims and objectives annually OR earlier if the need arises  

Signed:   (Rev N Hay)    .Position:   Vicar      Review Date:  22/7/15

Policy on the Safeguarding of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

This Policy was adopted by The P.C.C. of St Augustine’s, Whitchurch on 24th July 2019

Persons hiring rooms at St Augustine’s, Whitchurch are required to abide by our Safe Guarding Policy and are advised to read our Safeguarding Policy which can be found from the main menu of this website. This will be part of your Hire Agreement.


St Augustine’s Church Hire Agreement

Contract, and Agreement to Terms and Conditions.

I/We, agree to abide by all policies and procedures outlined in St Augustine’s Church Terms and Conditions of Hire, found within the Hirers Pack.

Public Liability Insurance

The following statement is taken from our Insurers who are Ecclesiastical Insurance

“Hirers are reminded that they are responsible for any accident or injury arising out of the activity for which they have booked the premises.  It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the premises are safe for the purposes for which they intend to use them”

Ecclesiastical Insurance


(Public Liability Insurance may be covered in your Home Insurance Policy)

(Please check with your insurers, as they may be able to provide one-off cover.)

(Specific Public Liability Insurance is required for Bouncy Castles and similar inflatables).

Hire Rates:

Rates will be as agreed, and will be reviewed annually by St Augustine’s Parochial Church Council.  Once the church office s in receipt of your signed hire agreemnt the booking fee will normally be fixed.

Hiring & Payment

There is a minimum hire period at St. Augustine’s Church of 1 hour.

We only accept bookings for children’s parties for children of primary school age

For hires of upto 2 hours, payment is required in full with  your signed hire agreement to secure your booking.  

For hires over two hours payment of the equivilent of 2 hours of youy agreed booking fee will be required  with your signed hire agreement to secure your booking with the balance payable 14 days before the date of your event.

St Augustine’s PCC reserves the right to terminate this hire agreement should a breach of terms and conditions occur.

St Augustine’s Church, Whitchurch reserves the right to refuse a hire request.


For individual single event hires a deposit is no longer required,

For reguular hirers the £50 key deposit will still be required returnable on surrender of you key and fob in working condition.

All bookings of rooms with access to the kitchen area exclude the use of Cooker, Dishwasher & Fridge without prior arrangement.  See Hire agreement.

Any bookings more than 2 hours will be looked at on a case by case basis.

*Hire Rate includes for ½ hour before meeting, and ½ hour at the end of the meeting to prepare and clear away.


Overhead, Monitors Screens and Sound System are for Church Use only

There is no TV licence for these premises.  Hirers cannot download programs whilst at the church.

Bouncy Castles or similar inflatables -

No inflatables allowed without specific agreement from the Church and arranged Public Liability Insurance.  Please ensure the Supplier has Public Liability Insurance.  The church does not accept liability for any accident involving an inflatable, so you may wish to provide your own Insurance.  (This may be covered in your Home Insurance Policy, please contact your insurance company to check)