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How to Become a Committed Christian

Or Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour

First we must understand that God is a Holy God and does not tolerate evil or any kind of wrongdoing.  There is no place in God’s presence for a person who has sinned.  And that is every person who has walked this planet Earth, except one Jesus.

Second we must understand and accept that Jesus, the only one that was without sin, was crucified and died to take the punishment in our place. Jesus is not just a man, He is God who became a man to tell us about God and the way we could know God.  And the very good news is that God will forgive all of a persons sins and forget them, for ever.

The third thing we need to understand is that we have to ask for this forgiveness.  The bible clearly tells us that this is a free gift from God we do not have to achieve anything, do anything, or have lived any kind of special life to receive this free gift.  We do however have to personally accept the gift in order for this gift to become ours.

Now please understand God is not fooled, this has to be for real, a genuine desire to know God and receive the forgiveness offered to us.  

We have to approach God in complete humility, and that can be the hardest part.  We have to accept that we have sinned and need His forgiveness.  We also have to accept that we need to be sorry for the past and want to change.

Jesus clearly told us that we can pray to God directly, we do not need a priest or any other person, it is between us personally and God.

Get alone with God and just talk to Him, that it what prayer is.  

Tell him that you understand you are a sinner

Tell Him you want to change

Tell Him you want His forgiveness

Accept that when Jesus died He made the provision for you to receive forgiveness.  It may seem hard to understand that God could forgive you for your past.  This however is exactly what the bible tells us.

Believe that because you have prayed this prayer to God that you have God’s free gift of forgiveness.  It is just like starting a new life, and this is where the phase “Born Again” comes from.  The phase may have been misused a lot in the media, but in truth it is just like being born again, it’s a new start.

Believe also that you are now a child of Father God, you are part of His family.  Under the protection and love of Father God because you are now a family member.

Now What?  To help you grow as a Christian get to meet with other Christians.  If you like, why not visit us at St Augustine’s Church or go to another church.

It would be good for you to contact us if you wish for more assistance or someone to talk to.

                 Becoming a Christian