St Augustine’s Church 2021


                       WHY?                                                                                                                            WHY?

You might think this is a strange title to place on a web site page, and yes, it is.

Why, is a word we use when we want to know the answer to a question.  We can ask several questions, for example.

Why did you load this web site?

Why did this church set up a web site?

Why is there a  Church called St Augustine’s in Whitchurch ?

On this web page we are going to look at one question that many of us want to know the answer but find it difficult to ask or know who to ask!

Why do you believe in God?

Many today believe we should live our lives doing what we think is right for us, adding as long as it is legal (or maybe adding as long as we don’t get caught).  To be very honest this is probably the very best philosophy to live by, if life, the universe and everything is an accident.

But! And it is a very important but, what if there really is a God?

But there are so many gods and so many religions and so much trouble caused by religions.  How do we know if any of them is true?  Now that is a difficult question to answer.  All religions seek to find ‘a way’ and try to reach out and find a god, a way of life to live, a holy man to follow, holy books to read, a pilgrimage to a shrine, all these things require us to do something and take the initiative.  In conclusion religion seems to say, do this and if we live a good life, maybe it will be good enough for the balance to swings in our favour, and then we will end up in a paradise after we die.

There is however some very good news!

God has already made provision for you.  Each of us was born with a God given purpose…

God Reaches out to us!

God (notice that the name is now spelt with a capital letter) has reached out to us. He really is the creator of the universe and everything in it.  He created everyone and everything with a purpose, creation is not an accident.  The certainty behind this last statement is too long to fit onto one page on a web site however the benefits are not.  Life is far too complex to be an accident

God has provided mankind with a ‘Makers Manual’ you will know it as the Bible.  The real God does not ask us to do things or go places and maybe gain His favour.  Far from it, the truth is very simple.  He reaches out to us with a love many people are just not willing to believe because it seems too simple.

God reaches out to us as individuals! Imagine God reaching out a hand towards each of us.  What we have to do in return is reach our ourselves and to catch hold.

Prayer is not a ritual it is in its most natural form it’s talking to God just like you would talk to a friend or

A member of your family.

So why this web site?

This church in Whitchurch, Bristol, wants to share with you the good news that God cares about you as an individual.  

We have tried it and found it to be true.  Life is not an accident there is a real purpose to the life of every person who walks on this earth.

And it is found in knowing God personally.

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