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For Everyone Series

Tom Wrights ‘For everyone’ series on the New Testament are among the best starters. They are well written, easy to read and are underpinned by great scholarship from one of the foremost theologians of our age. Each New Testament book of the bible has 1 or 2 books to go with it. There are increasingly some available for Old Testament books written by others like John Goldingay.

The Bible Speaks Today

You will find some more depth in the Bible Speaks Today Series with a lot of input from great Pastor-Teachers like John Stott. These dig in further to the text and always have useful practical applications too - much loved by preachers!

Word and Interpretation Commentaries

These are written by a range of scholars specialising in different books of the bible. The Word Commentaries have very detailed exposition (John Nolland has 3 volumes and 1200 pages for Luke alone) and the Interpretation draw in more literary and creative analyses.

NICNT, NICOT and Pillar Commentaries

Immense, meaty and very very deep. These are big efforts from some of the top scholars of our day akin to the Word Commentaries in style and feel. Doug Moo’s commentary on Romans weighs in at over 1000 pages - you have been warned...

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