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What is Baptisms?

For parents who bring children to be baptized, the service involves making promises before God and the congregation to be a wholehearted disciple of Jesus Christ – and to show evidence of that commitment by being part of the church community.  Baptisms are always held in the main church service.

What is a Thanksgiving?

"Thanksgiving and blessing for the gift of a child" is a celebration to mark the birth and naming of your child. We give thanks for your child's new life, and commit both you and the child to God, asking for his help and blessing.sing in the years to come

     Baptisms, Banns, Weddings, Funerals

To make arrangements for any of the above Contact the Church Office

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Banns Reading:

If you are getting married at another Anglican church outside of this parish and you live in the parish of St Augustine’s, Whitchurch, then it is a legal requirement to have the Banns read at St A’s.  

Banns are read for three successive occasions before your wedding date and a certificate is provided as proof of the reading which is then handed to you to pass to the church where you will be married. There is a fee payable to St A’s for the certificate.

Weddings at St Augustine’s a Church of England Parish Church?


If you wish to be married at St Augustine’s, Whitchurch please first contact the church office with your names and planned date of wedding.  We will then check the church diary and send you a request form.

Anglican Church Weddings are covered by a number of legal requirements.  We will make arrangements with you both to meet with someone who can go through all the details.

More information is available on the C of E web site below.


Funerals are normally arranged through your Funeral Director with the clergy.

However, because C of E clergy have very full diaries, if you would like one of them to take the service then it is important that you contact them before making arrangements with your Funeral Director (it solves a lot of problems).

Please contact the church office so that they might ask the clergy to make contact with you.

When making contact please give us details of the deceased and full contact details of yourself (Phone number(s), email address and postal address).


During the Coronavirus Crisis there are special requirements, please email the church office if you want to discuss any of these items.  However, Funerals at the church can continue, though details may change.