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St. Augustine’s, Whitchurch 2021

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Discover Christianity

We have assembles some videos from different sources which we believe may help you understand the Christian Life.

All videos can be viewed here and there is no cost to the viewer.

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We hope to add more videos soon


Run Time 29:31

“The Cross” is a film which looks at the significance of the Cross to the Christian faith.  It tells the story of how the lives of two young people were changed by trusting in Jesus.


Run Time 23:38

“Second Chance” is a short film of moving life stories of a second chance in the lives of a Lead Vocalist, an Ebola Doctor and a British Pro Skateboarder


Run Time 34:57

“The Worth of a Soul” is a short film where three souls hang in the balance in a fight for their lives


More Helpful Videos

Another great resource is available on YouTube these are short videos on the Christian Faith by Tom Wright.  Revd Dr N T Wright was the Bishop of Durham and is a very highly respected teacher and theologian has produced these videos to help everyone understand truth behind Christianity.