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St. Augustine’s, Whitchurch 2021

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Discover Christianity

The word Gospel means good news. The story of Jesus is told in the four Gospels of Matthews, Mark, Luke and John in the Bible’s New Testament.

We at St Augustine’s want to share what we have personally discovered about being a Christian.  You can read the accounts in the Bible if you wish but to help you understand more about the Christian Faith and more importantly Jesus we have made available some resources.  

Nicky Gumbel's mini-book explains effectively and concisely what Jesus said and did and why it matters today.  Why Jesus was written initially for people attending the “Alpha Course”.  It is now widely used as a simple to understand booklet that many churches give away to help enquirers understand what it is to be a Christian.


Paperback copies of the New International Version of the Bible which is a modern translation and widely used today are available at the church.  If you do not have a bible or do not have a modern translation please feel free to ask for one.  (Other modern translations may be available)


We also have N.I.V. New Testaments.      Also available to you free of charge

Two of the resources which are free to you available from St A’s Church


Helpful Videos

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We want to tell you that God really loves You and cares about you and also has an amazing plan for your life.

Another great resource is available on YouTube these are short videos on the Christian Faith by Tom Wright.  Revd Dr N T Wright was the Bishop of Durham and is a very highly respected teacher and theologian has produced these videos to help everyone understand truth behind Christianity.

The Alpha Course, South Bristol

St Perer’s Church Bishopsworth    starting Sat 19th Jan ‘1MORE INFO.9